Street Hockey RULES according to Hayley Wickenheiser!
September 30, 2011

What a fantastic way to say thanks! Thank to our incredible sponsors HSBC Bank Canada and HSBC Group (UK) for their six years of support of the HSBC Clean Air Achievers program. In particular, we wanted to thank them for their recent incredible donation of $200,000 to Clean Air Champions!

Imagine the excitement among school kids, teachers, parents and passers-by when they see a camera crew filming a street hockey "pick up" game in a school yard. Multiply that 100 times when the recognize Hayley Wickenheiser, four time Olympian and likely the most famous female hockey player demonstrating her street cred.  That is what happened today at St. Monica School in Toronto at a special event to thank HSBC for their continued support of Clean Air Achievers, a national curriculum-linked program of Clean Air Achievers.

We were so fortunate! It was a spectacular fall day in Canada's largest metropolis. Toronto was a fantastic city for this event. Hayley was super and put up a good fight against the St. Monica Catholic School team which consisted of kids and teachers from the school. But that wasn't it! We also had four other Clean Air Champions including the legendary Brian Stemmle who ran hard but couldn't contend with the super street skills of local media star Susan Hay from Global TV.

All in all a hugely  memorable day. More pics and stories from the street to come!


sarah i love haley(4 years ago)
ur such a good personne haley i admire u keep at:)!!!!!

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