About us

Clean Air Champions is a national charity committed to educating Canadians on the importance of air quality and its connections to health. We work with respected, high-caliber athletes to educate and inspire people to adopt practices and lifestyles that improve both environmental and personal health.

Who are the Champions?

Our program ambassadors are Olympic, Paralympic, and National Team athletes from across Canada. These athletes are passionate about promoting physical activity and protecting the environment.

Our organization reaches out to Canadians through our Champions to educate the public about the issues related to air quality and healthy lifestyles. We do this through delivering Clean Air Champions’ programs to youth throughout Canada.


What Makes Clean Air Champions Unique?

Clean Air Champions has a strong record of performance that demonstrates our programs are enhancing air quality and inspiring Canadians of all ages to adopt healthier, more active lifestyles.

With climate change a critical global issue, and asthma, allergy and obesity rates hitting epidemic proportions, the need for our programs and message has never been greater.

Clean Air Champions:

  • Engages National, Olympic and Paralympic athletes who are passionate about physical activity and the health of our environment
  • Develops and implements curriculum-connected programs in the areas of air quality, climate change, and health.
  • Was honored to be the only non-profit organization in the history of the modern Olympic Games allowed to operate within the Olympic Athletes Villages (2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver).
  • Produces quantitative and qualitative data to demonstrate success.
  • Reaches over 125,000 youth directly in classrooms, and over 25 million Canadians via print, radio and TV media.