Champion Profile
Fast facts
Why the environment is important to me:

I interact with nature in most of my favorite sports: windsurfing, snowboarding, soccer and running. I love playing hockey outdoors, and this seems to be getting more and more difficult every year!

Why am I a Clean Air Champion?

A clean and healthy environment is very important to me - this includes the air I breathe. I can control what I do in order to preserve and improve our air quality. Being a Clean Air Champion and helping to educate others on the importance of maintaining clean air is one more way I can try to make a difference.

Interest and Career Highlights
Career Highlights:

Kelly's career highlights are competing in  many World Championships, including hosting in his own province in 1994. Competing and training with his brother prior to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona was definitely something he values highly. The lessons he learned and experienced traveling to new places and meeting different peoples have had a great influence him and how he lives his life.

Top Performance:
1993 Canada Games - Gold Medal
1994 Canadian Champion
1991-1997Canadian Windsurfing Team
1991 Marvin McDill Award
Career and Interests:
Consultant / GM of Recycling Facility
Long Rides