Clean Air Achievers

Our longest running program, Clean Air Achievers teaches youth in Grades 5-9 about transportation and how it impacts our air, our climate and our health. Youth get a first hand look at how their personal travel habits have an impact on the environment and learn that they can make the choices to reduce greenhouse gases and improve their fitness.

The goals of the program are for each participant to:

  1. Produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) through reduced reliance on the automobile; and
  2. Enhance their level of fitness by choosing active modes of transportation

This program recognizes that each student is unique in their travel habits, and provides many resources to support all students including curriculum activities, an online trip tracker (greenhouse gas calculator) and online games & quizzes. Best of all, our Champions, National team, Olympic and Paralympic athletes deliver an inspirational presentation to your students. A minimum of 65 students is required per presentation. 

Our Champions are proven role models who offer compelling and inspiring stories, connecting personal experiences to real issues facing all Canadians.


1) Book your Champion presentation. Read more about it here.

2) Create an account.

3) Register your class or group to gain access to the online Trip Tracker.


Unless the pace of global warming slows down, polar bears could disappear within three decades. Research show that Arctic ice--the polar bear's primary habitat--is melting much faster than scientists had believed.



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Latest Program News
  • Champions' Challenge Winning School
    Congrats to the students at Alexander Muir School in Newmarket who have won this year's Champions Challenge!