Clean Air Champions

Clean Air Champions is an association committed to educating Canadians on the importance of air quality and its connections to health. We work with respected, high-caliber athletes and professional associations to educate and inspire people to adopt practices and lifestyles that improve both environmental health and increase their living standards.

Clean Air Champions participates in community level and public media events that encourage Canadians, particularly youth, to get moving for the environment and improve the living standards of your house. Walk to school. Take public transit. Ride a bike to work. In-line skate to sport practice. Plant a tree at your house. Pick up garbage. These are some of the messages of Clean Air Champions.


Clean Air Champions links athletes with events and programs that promote better air quality and healthy lifestyles. The program is developed in close partnership with leading organizations dedicated to clean air and public health and lends the high profile voices and images of world class athletes to these critical causes. Our strategy is to collaborate with organizations that have similar goals and objectives and co-deliver or enhance their existing programs and campaigns.

Our organization reaches out to Canadians through our Champions to educate the public about the issues related to air quality and healthy lifestyles. We do this through delivering Clean Air Champions’ programs to youth throughout Canada. Our program ambassadors are Olympic, Paralympic, and National Team athletes from across Canada. These athletes are passionate about promoting physical activity and protecting the environment.