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Fast facts
Why the environment is important to me:

The cleaner the air we breathe, the easier it is for me to breathe and to do my sport. By default, a cleaner environment is one that encourages walking and cycling which means that there are sidewalks and bike lanes and again, by default, less traffic.

Why am I a Clean Air Champion?

I believe that a healthy environment makes for a healthy body, mind and spirit. A healthy environment is a sporting environment - it has to be - and if a city and province and country embraces sport than we are all going to be healthier and happier.

Interest and Career Highlights
Career Highlights:

Lisa has been racing since 1989 and raced in the olympic distance triathlon until 1997.  In 1995 she represented Canada at the Pan American Games in olympic distance triathlon and In 1997 her first Ironman competiton.  In 2000, she won her first Ironman race in New Zealand. Since then, she has won 11 ironman events and an Ironman race every year.  She has finished 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii - her best finish, 3rd place, occurred in 2006.  Lisa also holds the marathon course record for Ironman Australia.

Top Performance:
Winner of 11 Ironman competitions
2006 Hawaii Ironman World Championships - 3rd
1995 Pan American Team Member
2004 Triathlete of the Year
Career and Interests:
Professional Athlete
Coaching, Mentoring Young Athletes