Champion Profile
Fast facts
Why the environment is important to me:

Our sport takes us from the cleanest countries, Switzerland and Austria, where garbage disposal is controlled with a fine tooth comb, to smog-congested cities like Rio de Janeiro and China. I see the energy level in myself and others really affected by the cleanliness of the environment, which concerns me. I would love to see Canada move in the direction of Switzerland, where households are given a maximum number of garbage bags per year to use for disposal. I’m very interested in seeing our air quality improve here in Canada and around the world.

Why am I a Clean Air Champion?

Being a Clean Air Champ has given me a fantastic opportunity to spread awareness about something that really is important to everyone, whether they realize it or not. We take the air we breathe for granted and that is a reflection of the fact that our air is very healthy in Canada still. Once we round that bend and our air quality really starts to deteriorate, we won't be able to take it for granted anymore. Being a CAC, allows me to raise awareness in hopes that we never reach that point in Canada.

Interest and Career Highlights
Career Highlights:

As a geeky kid growing up in Ontario, I failed miserably at volleyball but kept on working at it. Eventually the hard work paid off and my career blossomed into College and Universtiy acollades. After an All-Canadian career at York University, I set out to play professional volleyball in The Netherlands for two years before my knee "bit the dust". Switching to the beach was a huge challenge but proved to be a an amazing opportunity. Playing for Team Canada, I am now the highest ranked Canadian Beach Player and have an Olympic-calibre world ranking. Improving every year, I expect bigger things for the future.

Top Performance:
2005 World Championships - 9th
2005 Paris Grand Slam - 9th
All Canadian Indoor Volleyball York University
1999 Dutch Pro League Champion
Career and Interests:
Professional Beach Volleyball
Being with my family.