Air Aware

Like uncontaminated food and safe drinking water, the quality of air that we breathe is fundamental to good health and well-being. Sadly, the air quality today in many regions of Canada, particularly urban centres close to source points of emissions, threatens our health due to ground level ozone, particulates and other noxious pollutants.

Air Aware is a national, bilingual program dedicated to informing Canadians, particularly sport and physical activity leaders about air quality, respiratory health and allergy. It is also centred around a message that promotes healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices to reduce air pollution and enhance well being.

Our Champions deliver dynamic and interactive presentations approximately one hour in length that weave personal stories in to our informative Air Aware multi-media, interactive presentations.


Air Aware offers the following three target audience modules:

Because breathing “just happens” without a second thought for many of us, it is easy to take air for granted, forgetting the 14,000 or so breaths we take each and every day. Many air pollutants are colourless, odourless and so microscopically small that we can easily be unaware when we are breathing air that can, over time, be harmful to our health. Yet for the 3.2 million Canadians who suffer from asthma, and millions of allergy sufferers clean air makes all the difference between a regular, active lifestyle and being restricted in some way.